What is special and unique about my expertise?

Blended experience as Coach and Facilitator, Manager, Cross-Cultural expert, and Solution-Focused practitioner

With focuses on:

  • Preferred changes in the Solution-Focused way
  • Management & communications of multicultural and
cross-cultural teams

Coach and facilitator:
For years I have been working with senior executives and their teams helping them to explore and design their desired changes and make decisions about their preferred future. My facilitation and coaching sessions are designed as self-reflective experiences that encourage people and organizations to grow aware, develop and apply their talents locally and globally to lead positive changes, build capacity, benefit from cultural diversity, and achieve ambitious results at work and in life.

My background includes 20+ years of rich working experience in international/local businesses and the public sector. I worked in different areas, such as international trade, public education, catering, international development, media, legal services, chemical industry. The posts I held at different times included PR Manager/Director, Financial Viability Director, International Relations Director, Project Officer, and Business Development Director.

My Top5 talents according to the CliftonStrengths assessment are Strategy, Maximization, Connectedness, Adaptability, and Empathy. This set allows me to confidently lead teams to maximize achievements while supporting a high level of psychological safety in human relations.

I hold an Executive MBA from IBR, Institute of International Business Relations (Steinbeis University, Germany) and from my graduation in 2004 until 2011 I continued to cooperate with IBR, training students in communication skills and tutoring for several courses, including international business, cross-cultural management, and project management.

I'm a Cross-Cultural expert, coach, and facilitator, cooperating with the leading world organizations in the field; Member and a Board Member of SIETAR Europa (2019-2024), the biggest global organization of interculturalists (https://www.sietareu.org/). I'm also an international trainer and mentor of Young SIETAR. And a certified coach of IRC ( https://interculturalreadiness.com/) – an instrument to develop intercultural competences.

Solution-Focused practitioner:
The SF approach is naturally integrated into everything I do and communicate in my multiple roles. I'm a member of the global SF network, an SF coach, facilitator, speaker, and the author of the Practical Guides "How to Solve Problems Without Discussing Them. Solution-Focused Approach for Managers and for Others, too" (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08S49MS5L/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Victoria+Spashchenko&qid=1609916248&sr=8-1),

"Moving from Problem to Solution" (https://bookboon.com/en/moving-from-problem-to-solution-ebook?fbclid=IwAR33hN05Er_1pdJLJ6VV53S9X40iYOiMXeG0DQjUJzqwtQoQQS1jWNEA7P8) and

"WOwW-school. Working on what works. Solution-Focused Approach for Teachers, Parents and for Others, too" (in Ukrainian),

a co-author of the book "Using video games in the classroom. Challenges and Solutions: All you need to know to start using video games in your classroom" with Dr. Elena V. Shliakhovchuk

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