Why would a manager apply
the SF-approach in his/her work?

You spend less time on talks.

You improve the quality of communication and create a motivating working climate.

You generate the energy of the desired changes.

You become more confident and assertive.

You demonstrate a leadership style that meets the requirements of today.

Best investment
into your solution focused future
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How to become a SF-Manager?
SF Workshop
Practical learning and experimenting
SF Coaching
Better questions for myself and others
SF Workshop
During this 3.30-4.00 hours interactive workshop participants learn of the SF Approach and test it by solving their problems.

The structure of the workshop:

  1. Introduction to the SF Approach (30+minutes)
  2. Demonstration and Practicum (2+ hours)
  3. Reflection, feedback, decision-making on how the SF Approach can be used in personal and professional life.

SF Coaching
The Programme that consists of seven of 3-4 hours interactive and 100% hands-on experience sessions
to practice SF and coaching as the management style in the atmosphere of open communication.

One session every 2 weeks.

Flipped learning method is used.
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