Why is it worth for an organization
to become Solution-Focused?
SF organizations go straight to the desired transformations without losing time and energy in endless discussions of problems.

SF organizations, facing a problem, do not feel sorry for what they are missing to solve it, but they are investigating into what they already have.

SF organizations discuss what helps them (and does not stop them) to move in the desired direction

SF organizations are more motivated and energetic, productive and effective.

How do organizations go Solution-Focused?
SF Workshop
Practical learning and experimenting
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How to Solve Problems Without Discussing Them
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SF Training
During this 3.30-4.00 hours interactive workshop participants are introduced to the SF Approach and start practicing it by solving their problems.

The structure of the workshop:

  1. Introduction to the SF Approach (30+minutes)
  2. Demonstration and Practicum (2+ hours)
  3. Reflection, feedback, decision-making on how the SF Approach can be used in personal and professional life.

SF Training
6-hours session to introduce participants to the SF Approach and to experiment practicing it by solving urgent problems of the team or the organization.

Pre-session preparation includes formulating of a problem(s) the solution(s) to which we would explore.

SF strategic session
Moderation or facilitation of a strategic session.
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SF-organization Project

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SF strategic session
Moderation or facilitation of a strategic session. You do not waste your time for endless discussions but go straight to desired Change.

SF Coaching
Executive coaching for top managers and/or teams.
SF-organization Project
For organizations that want to make SF the standard of their daily work. The project aims to introduce large-scale desirable changes in accordance with the defined and agreed criteria. It may include different types of training and practice: training sessions, workshops, coaching sessions, strategic sessions, supervisions, etc.

The estimated project lifetime is 6 months.

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